The Top 10 Reasons to Join Instant Equity Enterprises

Join Instant Equity Enterprises

In today’s job market where unemployment claims are at record levels, it’s difficult to maintain a career, let alone save for retirement. However having a real estate education and investing skills are keys to a sustainable career that provides building blocks for wealth, and joining Instant Equity Enterprises’ sought after real estate community and partnership program is a great way to gain them. Access to a program like this has proven to be the secure path to financial freedom and owning your own successful business.

What the Program Offers:

  1. High-Quality Education – They make available to you a well-structured program designed to teach anyone, from an absolute beginner to those who are more experienced, how to become an effective real estate investor. The one-on-one coaching allows you to develop your expertise at your own pace. The curriculum includes essential guidance on bookkeeping, investing, developing a strong portfolio, creating residual wealth, establishing your business, legal help, and financial assistance, to name a few.
  2. Joint Ventures – One of the unique features of Instant Equity Enterprises (IEE) is their joint venture program. IEE understands that your first few investments are the riskiest so they will share that risk with you. Throughout the process, you will get hands-on guidance to help you successfully complete the transaction – from property selection and evaluation to closing the deal and selling the property. They will be there with you every step of the way.
  3. Support and Guidance – Whether it is during the training phase or out in the real world, expert coaches are on hand to answer your questions and any problems you may have. The expert instructors, who are Practitioner Instructors, not only teach the courses but they are invited to Chicago once a month for hands-on makes it easier for the visual person to learn and process the information as well. Each instructor MUST have earned a minimum of $1 million dollars in the area of his specialty or he no longer qualifies to instruct a course. We no longer live in the era of one man being the expert of all facets and strategies in real estate investing.
  4. An Established Community – Instant Equity Enterprises understands the value of strong community connections. Events, webinars, and community calls will allow you to meet fellow investors and develop the necessary relationships that will benefit you most, for years to come. You will find partners, lenders, sellers and buyers right there within the community learning and prosper with you side by side.
  5. Exclusive Investment Opportunities – Another great benefit about Instant Equity Enterprises is their real estate network. You will be offered properties that are not available on the open market. With IEE, you can quickly build up an amazing portfolio, and get your deals closed quickly without credit and money in many cases.
  6. Professional Contacts – Working with experts who are a part of the IEE community, will allow you to quickly build up a network of impressive and useful contacts. These individuals only partner with professionals who have provided service to them in the past, quality of work, years of experience and who have gained success.
  7. Legal Help – The assistance you’ll receive from a qualified legal professional is an essential service when starting a business. The support they provide is invaluable when completing complicated IRS forms and obtaining your company’s Employer Identification Number ( EIN). In addition to the aforementioned, the legal experts also provide the service of explaining business documents like operating agreements, by-laws, minutes and state paperwork.
  8. Accounting Service – This service brings you the necessary guarantee that your taxes will be prepared properly from certified public accountants. They will complete both quarterly and annual payroll services, review tax returns, and provide you with helpful tax strategies.
  9. Events – Fun and educational events are available for you to attend throughout the year. You and other investors are invited to attend community forums and investment presentations. These events not only provide you with continued education, but it’s also a great place to network with other real estate professionals.
  10. Be Your Own Boss – The entire process is designed so that you complete the year with your own profitable business. From helping you to choose a name, to selling your first few properties, IEE provides a comprehensive mentoring and coaching system with the support of an entire community experience that you can begin and end with successfully.

This exciting opportunity can help you to become your own boss through a fun, interactive, and effective course of expert training, and the necessary ongoing support that’s needed to push your business forward to the next level. This is a vocation made available to you, making it possible and highly practical for you to not only educate your children but develop a family business of professional real estate investors to support future generations for years to come.